Improved Reporting with WEDGE Data

The challenge 

WEDGE provided this general contractor with the necessary data required to work more efficiently and effectively with the project’s subcontractors.

A multi-family residential unit was being built in two phases. The WEDGE team was asked to participate in phase one by providing a monitoring system during the drywall finishing stage. The contractor was experiencing discrepancies in temperature reports between their observations and what subcontractors were communicating.

The outcome 

WesternOne installed WEDGE sensors for drywall monitoring during the finishing stage of phase one to ensure conditions were on-spec. The WEDGE Dashboard provides real-time and historical data that is archived and downloadable. This accessible information on the WEDGE Dashboard was helpful in providing reports containing data about timelines, temperature and humidity.

The client was able to confirm that conditions were within spec, therefore improving subcontractor efficiencies and timelines for the remainder of the project. This customer hopes to benefit from the use of WEDGE again in the future.