How WEDGE Works


So how does it work?

WEDGE™ is a two-part system - a network of physical sensors installed on site by United Rentals professionals to your specifications, and an online dashboard accessible via your computer, tablet or smartphone. WEDGE™ is fully compatible with iOS and Android systems.

WEDGE™ monitors and records external conditions like temperature, humidity.

WEDGE™ is flexible to fit the size of any worksite, from high rises to residential to in ground sensors.

Sensors are customizable, you set the thresholds and see the data specific to the project. You can log into WEDGE™ at any time, from anywhere and review your site conditions on your custom dashboard.


If a set threshold is reached, you and any team members you’ve assigned can get an instant text notification alerting you to the exact sensor location and nature of the alert. WEDGE™ gives you the ability to monitor your site from anywhere, any time.


WEDGE™ remote monitoring for worksites is a system designed for project managers, construction site superintendents and development project owners. The system is set up so that you can have immediate access to site conditions that affect the workflow and outcomes of a project.  In particular, WEDGE™ is used for the following:

  • Continuously measure, monitor and record ambient temperature and humidity levels throughout a construction site 
  • Take advantage of in-slab concrete sensors 
  • Optimize and control curing conditions for concrete and other materials
  • Monitor ground thaw and base preparation
  • Get instant alerts based on your pre-set thresholds
  • Capture data for future records and dispute resolution 
  • Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 visibility and control 
  • Access the WEDGE™ dashboard from any device at any time

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Fully Compatible Dashboard

Access your dashboard from any phone, tablet or PC to view your real-time sensor data anytime, anywhere. The dashboard reduces the need for site-walkdowns because the information is right in your hands.

24/7 Alerts to your Devices

Set your sensor thresholds for temperature and humidity and receive real-time alerts to your devices when a threshold is met. Give yourself peace-of-mind that when there is an issue, you will receive an instant notification.

Optimize Equipment Placement

Minimize fuel consumption and maximize your investment by intuitively placing equipment to eliminate hot or cold spots on your worksite.

Plan Ahead

Using the data on the dashboard, know in advance when the ground has thawed, concrete has set, or the optimal day and time to complete your project. 

Data Storage

Your data is safely archived and accessible anytime for future records and dispute resolution to develop trade accountability.